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A Sound Stage is a soundproof, hangar-like structure, building, or room, used for the production of theatrical film-making. These large structures are known for large clear spans up to 200’ and allow for flexibility to shoot scenes. Heavy Timber and Glulam Acoustic Bowstring Trusses have been used for soundstages since their inception.

For example, Howard Hughes’ famous Spruce Goose airplane hanger has been used as a movie set for Hollywood blockbusters including Independence Day, Titanic, Iron Man and Avatar. More recently the hanger has been converted to a sound stage for YouTube.

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Heavy Timber and Glulam Trusses Offer Four Primary Benefits:

  1. Heavy loads can be hung from the trusses with a multitude of connections to allow for flexibility in productions that require suspension.

  2. Wood has much better acoustic properties than steel which help dilute echoing in large spaces as well as cancel out exterior noises such as a barking dog or a passing truck on the street, which can disrupt filming and production.

  3. Large Glulam and Timber Trusses are easier to transport than traditional large spanning steel trusses. Glulam Trusses are shipped partially assembled allowing for quicker field assembly and quicker lead times.

  4. Wood is our most renewable building material available. It provides a natural aesthetic appeal and warm feel.

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Featured Projects

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Culver City, CA

ABS-CBN News Soundstage
Quezon City, Manilla, Philippines

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Devens, MA

NBC Universal Area 51 Soundstage
Universal City, CA

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