Why Western Wood Structures?


  1. Professionalism matters. From our sales team, to engineering team, to field assembly team, we have our customer’s best interest in mind.
  2. Western Wood Structures, Inc. (WWS), incorporated in 1969, has been a leader in the design and erection of large heavy timber construction since its founding.  Notable projects include the 532-foot diameter domed arena at Northern Michigan University, the 174’ clear span arches at the Port of Portland potash storage facility, and the 280’ clear span Whistle Stop Bridge, which utilizes glulam Camelback trusses.
  3. WWS expertise in the design and erection of large timber structures is unique in the construction community.  No other company offers turn-key service including in-house design, material procurement, fabrication and erection of large timber structures.
  4. WWS in-house engineers are licensed in 46 states and collectively have 80+ years of experience in the design of heavy timber structures.
  5. WWS can assist your team in determining what type of structure makes sense for your project. Working with the architect and engineer of record, WWS can provide design-assist and constructability review at a time when revisions can most easily and cost efficiently be made.
  6. WWS can ship globally.
  7. WWS engineers have worked on thousands of heavy timber projects. We know what works and what does not.  And our field personnel know how to assemble heavy timber projects both safely and effectively. Our experience provides a level of comfort knowing you have selected a company with more experience than any other heavy timber firm.
  8. WWS engineers use state of the art analysis software with our own in-house design software to design the trusses.  With these analysis and design tools, WWS can adjust the design to be the most efficient, lowest cost, and lightest option.  Light weight beams or trusses are not only cost competitive but additionally they require smaller cranes during assembly, and fewer trucks for delivery, smaller footings, and thus leading to added savings.
  9. WWS is responsible for everything from design to manufacture to installation.  When issues occur, there is no finger pointing and assigning responsibility. Our field personnel and field engineers find resolutions quickly to keep the work progressing.
  10. WWS can provide erection drawings, rigging design, crane placement plans and street closure plans for unloading when needed. WWS Project Engineers can assist with any unforeseen situations that may arise during erection.