Building with Wood.

Reducing Carbon in the building industry begins with using sustainable resources. Timber, Glulam, and CLT are manufactured from trees, a naturally renewable resource. Sustainable forest management increases carbon storage by harvesting mature trees that grow slowly and replacing them with younger trees. Currently, more wood is grown each year in the U.S than is harvested. Today, U.S Forests cover approximately the same amount of land as they did 100 years ago.

With recent manufacturing breakthroughs and technological developments every part of the tree is used.

Furthermore, 90% plus of the wood fiber WWS uses comes from Douglas Fir trees which are harvested in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The three states combined have some of the most stringent and sustainable laws to protect our forests and wildlife.

Learn more about the sustainability benefits of building with wood from the WoodWorks Wood Products Council.

Woodworks Wood Products Council