Pre-engineered Pickleball Court Covers

Pickleball Court Cover


Ramp up your pickleball game with a pre-engineered pickleball and sport court cover! Protect from weather, extend playtime, and ensure year-round enjoyment. Ideal for public parks, schools, community centers, and private clubs. Invest in all-season pickleball fun!

Download the Pickleball Court Cover Brochure (PDF)

Pre-engineered Pickleball Covers Include:

  • Permit drawings provided by a professional architect and structural engineer, registered in 48 states.
  • Prefabricated heavy timber and glulam shipped as an erectors kit.
  • Installation services (if needed).
Permit Drawings and Assembly Guidelines

Permit Drawings & Assembly Guidelines

Pickleball Court Covers Are Available In 3 Design Concepts

Peak and Camber Option

Peak & Camber

Truss Option


Tudor Arches Option

Tudor Arches

Pickleball Court Covers Are Available In

• Douglas Fir Glulam, Architectural Grade
• Pre-fabricated for connections
• Steel Columns or Glulam
• Steel and Hardware
• T&G Decking, CLT, or Glulam Decking

Pickleball Court Cover Ceiling
Pickleball Court Cover Side View

Contractor to Supply and Install:

Footing, Slab, Pickleball Net and Lines,
Gutters, Roofing, Vapor Barrier,
Electrical & Lighting

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